full-time channels menuThe big news: we renamed the Radio Channel
the "All Archive Mix" channel and added 7 more
full-time specialty channels! All Full Service
and Standard Service subscribers (see our renamed service plans below) now have a choice of 8 full-time channels:

All Archive Mix
Electronic Space
Ambient / Downtempo
Contemporary Instrumental
Orchestral / Chamber / Choral
Classic HoS Mix
World Fusion Mix
Celtic Space

Click CHANNELS in the main menu bar for our
colorful graphic channel selection page, or
use the drop-down menu under CHANNELS
to go to any channel directly.


  • Flash player Channels menuIn the Flash player, the CHANNELS tab (formerly RADIO CHANNEL) now displays
    8 specialty channels built around our most popular ambient genres. 

  • Click the CHANNELS tab itself to display the list of 8 channels.

  • Click the bright green PLAY triangle to the
    left of any Channel to start that Channel playing and display the current playlist for
    that Channel.

  • Click the name of the Channel to see its playlist without starting to play it.

  • Channels drop-down menuQUICK-SELECT a channel with the new drop-down CHANNELS submenu
    in the main menu bar. —>

  • After you select a channel, 12 programs are displayed in the main
    content area below the menu bar so you can see what's coming up:

    Typical channel playlist

  • PLAY icon in channel playlistTo start the channel from the main content window, click the PLAY icon
    next to the first show in the playlist. From the Flash player (only), you can start at any point in the playlist, or pick any program shown at any time...

  • Playing from the Flash Channels menu Or, start the Channel from the Flash player using the green PLAY
    buttons in the CHANNELS tab: 

  • if the channel is already loaded into the player, you can also
    start, stop, or skip forward or backward within the channel playlist
    using the main player controls located top left of the web site above the banner. 

    Flash player main PLAY controls


  • play buttons in CHANNELSPrograms now start from the beginning instead of "in progress."

  • You can play any program in the playlist on-demand by clicking
    on the green play triangle next to the program title. The rest of
    the programs will then play in order from where you started.

  • The large >>| 'SKIP FORWARD' and |<< 'SKIP BACK' controls
    in the Flash player (picture above) allow you to skip back or
    ahead to the next program in the active channel at any time.


     When our Flash Media Player has "focus" (meaning you've just selected it by clicking on it)...

  • the ENTER key selects what's highlighted;
  • the SPACEBAR toggles Play / Stop;
  • the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys lower and raise the volume.

new features and controls

  • MY PLAYLISTS tab NEW SHUFFLE CONTROL for playlists randomizes the order of items in the list.

  • REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER: most recently created playlist appears at the
    top of the list.

  • DRAG 'n' DROP PLAYLISTS into a new order; the player will save it automatically.

  • MOST RECENTLY USED playlist is remembered and loads as the Active Playlist when you return.

  • DELETE KEY on keyboard removes any playlist, including (at last;-) the default "Free Stuff" playlist.

  • STANDARD NAVIGATION KEYS (Shift-Click-Drag, Control or Command-Click)
    select multiple playlists and items within playlists.

  • DELETE MULTIPLE SELECTIONS with a single keystroke and confirmation.

  • ENTER KEY displays the content of the highlighted playlist.

  • PRINT your list of playlists or the contents of a single playlist.

main menu bar

  • Redesigned for easier use.

  • You can reach all archive content and services from the Main Menu Bar: click PROGRAMS, ALBUMS, or CHANNELS to access top-level directories for those sections in the main content area below the menu bar.

  • Menus 'drop down' when you mouse over them in large, easy to read type. Click the main "tab" in the menu bar for the overview, or any of the drop down navigation choices to select.


  • AAA : All Archive Access                   —>    FULL SERVICE
  • Radio Channel + This Week's Show   —>    STANDARD SERVICE
  • This Week's Show Anytime               —>    BASIC SERVICE
  • This Week's Show Sunday                —>    BUDGET SERVICE

    ANDROID/iPHONE plan is the same as STANDARD SERVICE.
    PREPAID MINUTES are unchanged — a metered, non-subscription FULL SERVICE plan for web users only.
    (Sorry, but we can't currently support Prepaid Minutes in our mobile apps.)

    Plans dropdown menu