With utmost sincerity I would like to thank you. Thank you for every ounce of energy you have invested into this program. It has added to the collective human experience, and has greatly increased my personal joy. I hope that Hearts of Space becomes a program that endures for generations to come.

SH, Las Vegas NV

Just when I think I have figured out every cool thing about the website, I find another splendiferous accommodation that makes it even better! I have been thrilled to discover the My Favorites Playlist. My gosh, it will play longer than I can stay awake, and all without a pause. Yea.

Your music and Pink Floyd are really the only contenders in my world.

Keep doing what you're doing.

— Mary S., Denver CO

Just want to say that your new interface is a thing of beauty. Thank you so much for all the thought, care, and ingenuity that so obviously went into it! Especially in these stressful times, we need HOS more than ever. I never regret a cent of my subscription.

— Jurretta H., Washington, DC, Feb. 2009

I have subscribed to HOS for a couple of years now, and I have reached a point where I simply can't do without the program. I anxiously await the next show, and revel in the rich archives. HOS has become a lifeline to sanity in a stressed-out world. Your shows are as good for waking up to and preparing for the day ahead as they are for unwinding after a stressful day at the office. Please keep up your work. We are many who appreciate all that you do.

— J.T.H., Alamogordo, NM, Jan. 2009
I can't tell you the hours that I've enjoyed since I subscribed. Sometimes the neighbor will come over just to hear what I'm streaming, and I am learning of artists that just blow me away. Thank you so much for your music and your customer service.

— Mary S., Denver CO, July 2007

To all HOS staff and online web-masters;

I have been an avid HOS listener almost since the first program was broadcast in 1983 and I have always loved the music on HOS! I have migrated from one part of the country to another over the last 23 years and I always sought out HOS programming on my Public Radio dial and made it a part of my weekly routines. It would be impossible for me to condense 20+ years of appreciation into this one little letter, but suffice it to say that HOS has been a vital, integral part of my life for a very long time. Thank you.

I used to listen to the weekly broadcast of HOS two or three times in one weekend on the different Public Radio stations that carried it in some communities where I lived. I was saddened when HOS programming gradually "shrunk" or diminished in my current radio market to a single broadcast at 7 AM on Sunday morning, as I am rarely arousable at that hour of that particular day of the week. Try as I might, as well intentioned as I could be, and despite my alarm clock, I missed many programs for several years until I discovered the HOS web site. I signed up for the unlimited HOS access as soon as I discovered the website over two years ago. I have rarely missed a weekly program since then and I have thoroughly enjoyed delving into the archives on a regular basis, at home and at work.

Within the last two weeks, I changed my HOS website access from the "Legacy User" status to the newer "AAA: All Archive Access" program. Wow!! The new website is great! I love the Radio Channel! I love the new All Archive Access! And I still cant't wait for the new weekly program each week. But, most of all, I love the newer, redesigned All Archive Access. Now, almost every morning, I log on to the Radio Channel or queue-up the programs from the archive that I want to listen to throughout the day and then I go on HOS-autopilot for the rest of the day. Whether I choose to listen to the Radio Channel or to a queue of various programs, I love it! The clients who come into my office love it and they comment on it frequently. This is one of the better things that has happened in my life recently. Being able to combine the tranquil and soothing experience of HOS with my everyday workday and routines has been a wonderful experience. I feel like the qualilty of my entire existence has just been elevated to another level!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanks for the HOS programming that you have provided for so many years. Thanks for the HOS web site. Special thanks for the new (to me) AAA: All Archive Access program on your wonderful website. I know that this is all just too much hyperbole, but I feel compelled to let you all know what a wonderful addition HOS is to my life. Keep up the wonderful work.

Thank you again,

— Lawrence W., M.D., Ph.D., Jan. 2007

Hello Dear People,

I love Hearts Of Space.
It is like good blood, the ocean, the cosmic drift...
It makes me happy.
Thank you. Thank you.


— Elizabeth F., Subscriber, Dec. 2006 (our email address for listener feedback).

That says it all. "Slow music for fast times" is a tag line like a fine fitting glove. My HOS online subscription soothes my end of day, everyday and is one of the best investments I have made. Thanks for the calming link.

— Gary P., Wausau, WI, Dec. 2006

I am an addict to HOS. I had to give Hearts of Space a drug-like acronym, because I am an addict. I need it, sometimes in a small potent dose, sometimes in a ten hour trip.

Withdrawal from this addiction contains a danger all its own. If I can't get my fix, I might forget where reality lives. I might forget where I found it. I might finally, irreversibly confuse madness with it.

I might thus mistakenly identify Stephen Hill as my savior. Yet he is simply an agent of the force of sanity, running so subtle you might think it is hidden. Angels have no free will.

So keep it coming, Stephen, keep it coming artists of freedom. Shoot it straight into my heart-string. With love

—Ron S., UK, Nov. 2006

How my deep, abiding love of Hearts of Space has prevailed for my past 15 years....

Stillness of Mind
Stillness of Heart
Stillness of Soul...

These are what your music brings me

Much love and Respect

— Angie P., Nov. 2006

Your programs have long been one of the anchors for me in a tumultuous world, keeping me in touch with Things That Matter when all else is going to hell. Thanks!

— Michael O', Nederland, CO, Nov. 2006

I am a fan of Audio Visions and as much as I love it, HOS’s Radio service is superior in its quality and consistency of selected material. If you want to live space 24/7, there is no better way. Many thanks for the listening pleasure it brings.

— RJL, Nov. 2006

i want to feel like this always.

sometimes when i'm lying in bed at night it feels like all the other nights i've ever had. i'm at home in my skin and in my head. the light from the parking lot filters through the accordion blinds giving the objects on my bedside table soft form and spilling across the floor.

on nights like this, i don't mind the light in my room. i don't feel like i need to smother it and shut it out. i feel young and old at the same time. i can see my future staring me in the face in the people closest to me, and my future is smiling.

at times like this, there's no doubt that everything will be okay. it's that solid comfort that feels like christmas. that reassurance that having my family all around me brings. it's like falling asleep to the soft noises of your parents when you're a little kid. i guess that's what osiris' soft footsteps are to me. the heavy warmth of him next to me in bed. the heaviness of my eyes.

i don't stare at the clock, but i know what time it is. what's different is that the time doesn't matter. the clock is my friend. i've got all the time in the world, because the night passes slowly- no faster than i want it to. the night is soft and friendly.

the people dearest to me aren't with me tonight, but that's okay. i am content to be by myself tonight and enjoy how beautiful it feels to keep my own counsel, by choice instead of necessity.

there's a bit of that independent girl inside of me still.

tonight, i am at peace. i will fall asleep tonight to the sounds of that special radio program, my favorite of them all, hearts of space.

goodnight, earth. sweet dreams.

— meg ( blog post) October 2006

Hearts of Space is in my top five perfect things in the world with fresh tomatos, full moons, surfing, wilderness and contentment. May I add my thanks?

As a lad growing up in Sacramento I used to fall asleep with an AM Radio under my pillow. I could pick up stations all over the west coast and I would fall asleep fiddling with the dial. This was the early 70's and Rock and Roll and R &B was everywhere. One night I heard an artist by the name of Iasos on a "hippy" station in Berkeley. The music was incredibly different than any I had ever heard - pastoral, vibey, serene and electronic mostly and my life changed.

From that point forward I searched for "space music" and for years had to content myself with mostly austere, moogy ambient stuff. In a time when discovering music meant rifling music stores and listening to radio... hoping - you changed it all and the world got better. I am very grateful for not just the music but the perfect narrative you provide to my chaotic world. Blessings.

 —Sage in Vista, May 2006

In a world where the Lowest Common Denominator (at best) increasingly dominates, Hearts of Space remains a lifeline to sanity, beauty and the nearly forgotten value of doing something well because that's the right way to do it. Not to mention a nourishing balm of healing for my somewhat battered soul. My most heartfelt thanks.
Best wishes,

—Andrew M., Santa Fe, NM, May 2006

While flipping the radio dial late one Sunday evening in the early 90's, I discovered this beautiful musical sound. The sound reverberated a soft ambiance that touched me in ways I’d never before experienced. The timing could not have been more perfect for discovering this music because I had recently made the art of meditation a high priority in my life and had been searching for a particular sound to accompany my inner quest. Needless to say, I began anticipating embarking on a space journey every Sunday evening thereafter.

I find the tonal qualities of space music highly conducive to soul searching and enhanced spirituality. Listening to space music is not just a listening experience. It is assimilating a stream of energies throughout one’s entire aura that gives new meaning to the ideal of self-reflection. The gently flowing sounds reverberate through the inner cosmos stimulating expanded conscious awareness and healing. The experience produces a subtle mist of calm euphoria that leaves one’s awareness elsewhere. The softhearted tones of space music provide the listener with a new perspective of what might be redefined as beautiful sound.

Hats off to Stephen Hill and the entire Hearts of Space Crew!

—Brian T., Albany, NY, Sept 2005

Subject: at last..........

I found you, again.
How I managed to survive, without access to your radio program?  I can not tell............
The dismal months that ensued, night after sleepless night, like a ship tossed to and fro by the tormenting waves, relentlessly and slowly but surely deteriorating the hull, in the midnight dim.
Then somewhere deep into the depths of darkness.........
a faint but glimmering light , in the distance...........
(Uhh, my memory..)
I recalled a name I once used to know, when there was light and life, a distant memory.........
and then I hit enter and...........toptoptopWWHHAAMMtoptoptop
there you were again , you had not faded but rather 'twas I......
Now there shall be laughter, wine, Dancing and Celebrations till the end of Dawn, till  Evermore...........
Oh sorry folks just me dreaming again outloud, No but really i am very glad to have found this site and will treasure it to heart you Betcha.......
In Love and Light  ,
—V. Kurt, April 2005

Dear HOS staff:

My sincerest thanks for continuing to provide music that evokes so many feelings of the heart.

I started out listening to your show once a week in 1993. Now, 12 yearslater, I'm still listening. The thing that makes it even more special for me today is that by being a member, I get to listen to this music anytime of the day or night.

For me, this music evokes emotions and deep feelings that seem to come out of nowhere...deep peace, joy, love, sadness, and delight...and some of the music is just simply great to work to or go to sleep by.

I think I've only be able to get through about 40 tracks in one year's membership because I keep playing some of the tracks over and over again in order to get the full essence of the sound before venturing on. Some of my favorites so far are Pachelbel, Crystal Light, Earth, Moon, and Stars, Land of Enchantment, Dead Can Dance, Cedar Mesa, and the newest one, Flowing into Spring. Thank you for your continued presence and your work.

—An Avid East-Coast Listener, April 2005

Well...... I just blew my budget for music for the whole month. This program (717) has sent me to a place that I haven't been in awhile. It's a place of not only quiet meditation, bit a place of exploration and a sense of adventure.

I don't think that I will be listening to this at work. For while I am listening to this I stop. Stop what I'm doing, stop thinking and am then immersed in the music.

—Lynn McC. , Jan 2005

I sat here for a few minutes trying to think of a way to express in words why I am so captivated by this type of sound. Normally I would have said "music", but that sounds lacking in that the effect is so much more is in essence beyond the worldly limitations of music to the point it is transcendental. I have frequently meditated in the past, but along the way I have been too distracted. But within five minutes, of listening to this phenomena I realized how I have missed it. I now feel compelled to change that situation. The world is truely a better place with you in it than without. Thank you.

—Connie H., May 2004

I just want to thank all of you at HOS for the years of great programs and now for my subscription. I am so happy with the diversity and content of the music you've made available.

I have always attempted to listen to our local broadcast of HOS, but that's difficult sometimes based on my schedule. I spend a great deal of time working out of my home these days, and to havethis programing available to listen to all day ( & night) as opposed to sporadic hits and misses on local radio is a real pleasure.

— Jon G., March 2003;

For as long as you've been over the airwaves, for me, your program has been, unequivocally, a deep spiritual gift. While I lived in Palo Alto for over 20 years in the same cottage before I moved to Washington in '98, I listened to your music every Sunday night, without fail. It was simply a priority...

I recognized it even then. It help me cope with many life challenges, it gave me courage as I created works of art that never before dared to see daylight. As an artist, I admired the way you treated the creative people with whom you worked, as you mindfully and respectfully shared their musical information. You created a format that seemed to mimic nature, its moods and its seasons in time. Your work was consistently an inspiration, and a breath of fresh air.

That's all. Thank you for your vision, and for having the conviction to turn it into such a fine reality. Your work has and will continue to nourish me for a long, long time.

—x x x o o o C aRxf, Nov. 2003

I'm a new subscriber and have listened to only two programs but so far I must say as I'm sitting here reading one of my favorite books and have HOS playing in the background its as if I'm being transported in some ethereal sense to heaven...everything is so pleasing and peaceful.

Thanks for such beautiful music and thank you as well for the spiritual connections that play back and forth in your selections.

T.Smith,Westland, MI, Nov. 2003

As I sit at my desk watching the first snowstorm of the season, I'm listening to program No. 653 "Whiteout".

I've been a subscriber now for some time, having first fallen in love with the music you broadcast back when I was a teenager listening to public radio. The beauty of the snow and the contemplative nature of the program have inspired me to write in just to say "thanks" for going through all the hard work (yes, I read the Project History on the website) to get this going. I listen to your streams and explore new programs almost daily. The quality of the broadband streams and the gentle aural massage of my gray matter are definitely worth the price! Thanks again and keep up the good work. I think you have a subscriber for life!

—Andy S. , Los Angeles

I have been lurking around the HOS website for a while now. I used to be able to get the radio program while living in Lower Alabama, but here in Huntsville, (the "Rocket" City) I cannot get it. Haven't been able to hear a program in over three years, and was relying on my old collection of taped shows, like many others.

Now I've bit the bullet, and OMG I am so happy. I love being able to listen at work, all day, for $10 a month. That's nothing. My husband spends that much on cigarettes in three days! I love this. I love it. Thank you for being there. The quality of the sound is good, I've had no problems accessing it, and the folks at your billing partner were extremely helpful when I suffered an attack of dumbness and couldn't log in.

—Erin K., Huntsville, AL

Dear Stephen,

I want to thank you for the vision you have shared with us all, and your commitment to your fans. Around 1984 I had an eccentric Science teacher (I was in 9th grade) who had played some "classic" floating space music during a lab period. I was hooked, and when I asked her about it she got a twinkle in her eye and leaned in toward me like she was about to reveal the location of a buried treasure. She told me a program title and time. I tuned in, and what a treasure it was!

I recorded Hearts of Space every Sunday for years. I still have the tapes (sentimental value is a tenacious adhesive), but they are worn and I don't even have a cassette player anymore. Over time I developed other musical interests and lost touch with the program. When I recently looked up the website for H.o.S. I thought, "Hey! This is great! I can listen to live streams of the program now." That alone is pretty neat. However, it was the archived programs from the past that put me over the edge and into a subscription. I like some of the new ambient work that is out there, but being able to go back and hear "Heart of the Matrix" or "Cruising to the Sea of Glass" without static or a break in the music (from flipping over the tape) is fantastic!

I have some idea of what it has taken to do this and want to thank you (and your staff) for all of your work. The web site is THE BEST. I don't think there is anything else quite like it. Once again, I am hooked!

—Scott -Oakland/CA, Aug 2003

First heard HOS late '84 or early '85. Have been addicted ever since. Was absolutely delighted when the streaming began. Do not have to wait a week to hear programming, and what I like best is I can go back and be reacquainted with the bits and pieces that float in my head.

Thank you for the beautiful streaming music,

—Catherine S., Jul 2003

I have listened to Hearts of Space over the years and have always been delighted. I was on the net a year or so ago looking for a radio schedule for Hearts of Space when I ran into the Archive. I have visited the site many times and finally decided to go for it.

I love it!! I totally love it. Well beyond my wildest expectations. Just so you know I'm using the Bose (outside noise free) head set. I must say this it totally out of this world. The Quality is so outstanding. I'll be a fan for years to come. I'll run a line now to my speaker system. Thank you all so much!! I am so glad you did this.

—Ed B., May 2003

Dear HOS,

For several years now I've been listening to your program each Sunday night on our local public radio affiliate 90.0 WETA. I've come to look forward to the experience more than I can say. As an avid music fan, I reached the point a few years ago where I thought I'd heard it all... and music ceased having the effect of drawing me up in my chair, sending chills down my spine, or bringing tears to my eyes. HOS has rekindled those feelings for me. Some of my most powerful musical experiences in recent years have come from listening to your program. I am very grateful. As a new subscriber to your broadband service, I look forward to getting HOS on demand whenever I need it. And I do need it. Often.
Best regards,

—Bruce F. Washington, DC, April 2003

I started listening to HOS in the eighties on a public radio station. In 1992, we moved to a beautiful lake, and unfortunately, lost any public radio station. I continued to watch for new cd's from the HOS label, but I liked the variety of the program on air.

When I found the web site about a year ago, I loved the idea of listening to ALL the programs that I had missed! A few weeks ago I subscribed to the streaming service...LOVE IT!!!

It's hard to believe that I can receive up to the minute information online, but I can't get a decent radio station!

Your work is very much appreciated...

— Donna B., Grand Lake O' the Cherokees, Disney, OK, March 2003

Okay, I’ve tried to compose a simple email telling you how excited, relieved, thrilled, etc. I am that I can access Hearts of Space online and how efficient and perfect the website is and how I appreciate your hard work in making the website possible, etc. but unfortunately, it would take an 8-page essay to do so and I would sound like a freak. So, I will keep it simple and say thank you, thank you, thank you for HOS online.

—VP, Houston, TX, January 2002

Subject: Thank you

I have been listening to HOS since 1987 or 1988. I have followed you on my local radio KCSM in the late 80's up to now on KALW. I also subscribe to the website so I can listen anytime. I do not have words to express my gratitude for your programs. They bring me comfort, peace, joy. I do not have the time or money to collect the array of music I can enjoy with you for a few dollars a month. I thank you and wish you and all the folks there a new year filled with joy from pleasures and compassion and learning from the pains.

—RB, San Mateo, CA Dec 2002

Subject: In Appreciation

While journeying through this Infinite Universe of endless experiences, I must say, discovering your program one evening on the radio, and then subscribing to your Streaming Archive vault on the Internet has, and currently continues to be, a marvelous pit stop in the Continuum of Life for me.

Thank you for being!

—kam544, Oct 2002

"HOS is like the sound track for a really nice dream that you are having all night long."

—JP, Indianapolis, IN

I just subscribed to the HOS streams. That is the greatest thing since I first heard HOS many years ago! I used to have some tapes I recorded of programs a long time ago, but the station was weak and full of static so they were less than perfect. Now I can listen to any program anytime anywhere with my laptop, in stereo. You're doing it right with the high-quality streams and subscription model. Though the fees are high, I hope as technology costs come down the fee will decrease. I found a device that will connect my laptop to my audio system, which is even better.

Keep up the good work and long live HOS!

Andrew T, Oct 2002

With the exception of the web, there isn't any HOS in Milwaukee. Okay, I'll admit that I am prejudiced, but in my humble opinion, there is no better radio show on the air than Music from the Hearts of Space. Of course, you don't stimulate, sell, pump us up, or jerk our love starved hearts around. You simply create an hour of music that speaks to my soul and helps me realize that home is where I already am. Good luck.

—George T., Milwaukee, September 2002

Subject: Thanks

I have enjoyed listening to Hearts of Space for over 15 years. Each program is a wonderful adventure for the ears. When I found out every program would eventually be available through the internet, I was very excited. It's great to be able to listen to so much amazing music. Everyone there does a great job producing each show and the HOS Archive service is very well done. I have not had any problems accessing the archive. Keep up the great work.

—RDS, September 2002

Subject: New listener loves the program

I just had to write to let you know how much I have enjoyed your Hearts of Space program. For years I have enjoyed a certain class or classes of music that I never really could categorize, and that certainly was not quite mainstream or conventional. I had much enjoyed the works of Enya, and Lorena McKennitt and others. Music that was easily identified as the work of a true master with its rich textures that evoke an almost visual soundscape such as Enya's "Storms in Africa" from "Watermark" where the piece itself actually represents the ebb and tide of a storm front passing. I have always been in search of such true artists with similar skills.

Last November I was traveling back to Lexington, KY from Nashville, TN late on a Sunday night. As I flipped stations trying to find something to keep awake with, I happened upon your program with program #610 - Shadowplay - on the air. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, it was so good, with David Darling's soulful cello intro, on through the works of the other artists.

Finally, in January, I subscribed to the HOS archives. This is the first time I've ever done subscription music. In less than three months time, I've listened to the entire 2001 program list. I've enjoyed every one, from synthetic to multi-cultural. I work in the technology sector with people from Pakistan, Thailand, India, China, Vietnam, Egypt, and so forth right in my office at work. Many of them have listened in and enjoyed this genera of music that seems to know no cultural boundaries. Thanks so much for opening horizons of listening enjoyment for so many people. The editing and commentary on your program show how much you work to present the artists in a meaningful way.
Thanks again,

— JSK, l Mar 2002