The Hearts of Space mobile app for Android devices is designed to launch easily, sign you in automatically, and play full programs and queues of shows — channels and playlists — without interruption. As the Android OS has evolved, “fragmented," and complexified, a small number of settings must be adjusted and requirements met to get optimum performance. Our app must have:

1. Battery power that isn’t being optimized or turned off by the Android OS.
2. An internet connection that’s reasonably sized and steady, via Wi-Fi, cellular data network, or both, and
3. Room to launch our app on your device (Available Storage).
If you are having difficulty maintaining streams, channels, or playlists all the way through, or launching our app, please adjust your device as follows:
1. Battery power. If you experience sudden stream stoppages, it’s most likely due to sneaky Android battery management withdrawing power from our app. Power optimization is automatically enabled for all apps in Android 5.0 and later. In addition, in some implementations of Android 7 there’s a second, “hidden" power management setting that overrides the first. You have to find and adjust both settings so our app can stream, uninterrupted, as it’s programmed to do. Otherwise, the device will periodically withdraw power from our app and your stream will stop — same as a light bulb will go dark if you unplug it. Here’s how to get both settings right — details of the path may vary on your device:
A. The “obvious” one: 
(1) Android 7:
Android Settings > Battery
Turn OFF power saving mode
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap for Unmonitored Apps
Tap + to ADD the HOS app to the list of unmonitored apps that App power monitor will not affect.
(2) Android 6:
Android Settings > Battery (it may be under Device management or under System settings).
Turn OFF Power saving mode.
Turn OFF Ultra power said mode OFF.
(3) Android 5:
Settings > Battery, tap the menu button, and tap “Battery optimization.”
Alternative: open quick notifications from your app drawer, tap the battery icon to access the Battery screen. 
Tap “Not optimized,” then tap “All apps.” 
Find the Hearts of Space app, tap it, and set it to “Don’t optimize.”
Tap Done to save. 
B. The “hidden” one, mainly in Android 7 and Samsung devices:
Android Settings
Apps (maybe called App Manager)
More Options (vertical 3 dots)
Special access
Optimize battery usage — From the drop down menu, select All Apps (if Apps Not Optimized comes up first — by selecting All Apps you’ll also see how many other apps are being affected by hidden power management)
Scroll down a long alphabetical list, find the Hearts of Space app
It likely will be ON (meaning it’s being optimized for power regardless of the “obvious setting” above)
Change it to OFF (meaning it will no longer have power withdrawn/optimized)
Close out of Settings, then launch the HOS app and stream…
For an illustrated version with sample screenshots, here it is:
Please adjust BOTH settings above, the “obvious” and the “hidden” settings. 
2. A live internet connection:
A. To ensure background music from the HOS app if your device goes to sleep while playing HOS music:
In Android Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced:
“Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” should be set to Always
This is to ensure background music when your device goes to sleep while playing from the HOS app.
B. To ensure music from the HOS app will play or continue without Wi-Fi, when you’re on the cellular data network only:
In Android Settings > Apps > Under All Apps
Find and tap Hearts of Space
Tap Mobile data and turn ON two settings:
"Allow background data usage"  — Turn ON
"Allow app while Data saver on" — Turn ON
C. You can’t use the HOS app while in Airplane Mode.
D. If you are connected to both Wi-Fi and a cellular data network, the app will switch seamlessly between the two networks to maintain and optimize the streams long as you have not restricted the app’s ability to do this. 
3. If ever the app fails to launch and instead displays a black screen, your device is too full to allow our app to function at all, even to load. Future versions will enable the app to fail gracefully and warn you about this, but for now, we don’t have a way for the app to do anything if there’s not enough resources for it to load. Please check your device Available Storage. If it’s below about 20% of your device’s capacity, please delete unused apps or content. Then close out all apps showing in Recent Apps by tapping the X in the upper right corner of their “tombstone” (an iOS term for which there’s no Android equivalent). Power down your device, wait a beat, and restart it. 
Once our app has the ability to function, it will. Some spaces are finite ;-)
For questions or further assistance, please contact and we’ll be happy to continue to help you troubleshoot our app on your Android device.