How can I find out what's played on HOS Radio shows?

You can view and print a complete Playlist of every HOS program
  • On the web
    Fully searchable playlists of all programs from 1983 to the present
    are available in our Playlist section.

  • By e-mail subscription [a free service]
    Get each week's playlist delivered to your e-mail box every Friday.

    To subscribe, click here.
    To cancel email playlists, click here.

    To change your e-mail address, first cancel using the link above,
    then resubscribe using the subscribe link above.

  • Via RSS feed
    Enter this URL in your feed reader: http://heartsofspace.typepad.com/news
    This feed includes a link to the playlist and the 30 second MP3 audio promo for that show that you can play in your browser or media player.


How can I buy music I hear on a Hearts of Space radio program?

These Hearts of Space Radio programs are available for purchase as CD albums from the Hearts of Space record labels (just the music, of course, no voiceovers). Click on the program name to buy direct from Valley Entertainment.

PGM 093 Starflight 1
PGM 104 Cruisers 1.0
PGM 105 Novus Magnificat
PGM 176 Encounter
PGM 350 Celtic Twilight
PGM 409 Aeterna
PGM 413 The Magnificent Void
PGM 485 Sacred Treasures
PGM 499 Seven Veils
PGM 502 World Voices
PGM 504 Prophecy
PGM 531 House Made of Dawn
PGM 570 Light Fantastic
PGM 583 Sacred Treasures 3
PGM 598 Song of the Irish Whistle
PGM 594 Slow Music for Fast Times
PGM 610 Shadowplay
PGM 612 Union
PGM 633 Slow Music for Yoga
PGM 639 Homeland

You can can also order these albums from Amazon.com, at many fine music stores, and at all leading internet music sites.

Current copyright laws effectively make it impossible for us to sell CDs or downloads of other Hearts of Space Radio programs.

However, you can view or download the Playlist for any program and purchase the CDs that interest you most. For your convenience, we have included links to Amazon.com for all commercially distributed CDs used on our programs. We are an Amazon Associate, and your purchase earns us a small sales commission that directly supports the production of the program.

How can I buy other music from the Hearts of Space labels?

All Hearts of Space label CDs can be purchased via convenient links to Amazon.com, through most major music retailers, all major online music retailers, and many independent shops.

How can I get a Mail Order Catalog?

Please email Valley Entertainment and request one.

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What local station(s) carry Hearts of Space?

You can see and search the database of public radio stations carrying the Hearts of Space radio program on our web site by clicking here.

What if my local station doesn't broadcast Hearts of Space?

We've got it covered. You can hear every show we've ever done online right here on our Hearts of Space ARCHIVE Service. See the next section for details.

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Where can I hear Hearts of Space programs on the Internet?

The Hearts of Space ARCHIVE: Right here with our online service.
Every programwe've done is available on demand in both broadband and dialup formats. We bring you the freedom of anytime listening and the panoramic choice of Archive Access. We also provide a continuous, non-interactive "radio" channel, or access to just the weekly program. Please see our ACCESS PLANS page for details.

How do I listen to the Program on the Internet?

You must have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer and use a supported web browser. Most computers already have everything you need. We support Windows with Internet Explorer or Firefox, and MAC OS X with the Safari or Firefox. See our HELP section for system requirements and details.

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To subscribe, click here.
To cancel email playlists, click here.

To change your e-mail address, first cancel, then resubscribe using the links above.

Can I get playlists in advance?

Programs are usually finished the week of broadcast, so we can't provide playlists for future programs. Playlist subscribers get email with the current week's program on Friday, at least one day in advance of the broadcast on all public radio stations and a week in advance of broadcasts on XM Satellite Radio.

Can I get older playlists?

All playlists from PGM. 001 in 1983 to the present are available here in the Playlists section.

Why doesn't the weekly playlist match the program on my local station?

Hearts of Space "uplinks" a program to NPR stations on Friday afternoon. Each station records the feed for later broadcast. Most stations broadcast the show over the weekend, but some stations delay broadcast by one or more weeks. Stations which carry two hours of Hearts of Space weekly often repeat older programs for their second hour. Mismatches can occur in all these cases.

Please listen for the program number at the end of the show, or contact your local station to obtain the number of the program played on the date you listened. Complete playlist information for ALL programs is available here.

You can also use the search box in the main menu bar with the name or number of the program or any artist or title you can remember to find older shows.

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How can I submit music to Hearts of Space?

RADIO: If your music is already released on CD and you'd like to submit it for airing on the radio program, send one CD along with your one sheet and press/promo information to

454 Las Gallinas #333,

Please mark the outside of the package ATTN: RADIO.

Sorry, we do not play low-res MP3 files—only CDs or higher resolution online downloads which have been released and are available for purchase by listeners, either from a retailer, via an online service like Amazon, CD Baby, or Bandcamp.com, or direct from the artist or label's web site. If you are selling online downloads, send us a link to the files in .WAV, ALAC, or FLAC format if possible. A CD-R for review and our music library is appreciated but not required.

RECORD LABELS: We sold the HOS record labels in 2001 and no longer operate them directly but we do maintain contact with the people who do at Valley Entertainment. If you want to submit material for the RECORD LABELS to consider, please send an additional copy and one-sheet in the same package marked, ATTN: A&R.

Please don't call us about your package. If we are interested in your music, or we need more information, we will contact you.

How can I follow-up on my submission of music?

We understand how much work has gone into your music, and we sincerely wish we had the time and the staff to acknowledge everything we receive; but every week we get dozens of submissions from around the world. As a result, we cannot verify that we've received your music or that it's been heard. The best way to follow up is a postcard to HOS RADIO, 454 Las Gallinas #333, SAN RAFAEL, CA 94903. Send us a nice picture...we like that.

If we use your music in a radio program we will send you a notice of use by email, including the program name and number of the broadcast. We also send the playlist to our entire Internet mailing list (almost 8,000 weekly) and post it here in the PROGRAMS section.

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How can I contact Hearts of Space?
See our contact information page.

How can I contact a HOS artist?

Send an e-mail to help@hos.com with the artist's name in the subject line and we will forward it to the artist. Please note that we can only do this for artists that have been release on the Hearts of Space Records labels!

How can I get sheet music or lyrics for song(s) on a HOS recording?

Sheet music is not available for most of the music on the HOS labels.
Exceptions are mainly from recordings on Hearts O'Space, and by Bill Douglas.

If you email help@hos.com with the name of the artist in subject line and the name of the album and song you are looking for, we'll forward it to the artist.

LYRICS : When music on one of our recordings has lyrics, they are almost always printed in the paper insert of the CD or cassette. If the lyrics are not printed in the package, we do not have them available at this time.

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Buying music heard on Hearts of Space Radio or HOS Records labels; subscribing to our email newsletter

SECTION 3 - Public Radio Stations broadcasting HOS programs;

SECTION 4 - HOS Radio on the Internet

SECTION 5 - More about Playlists; Cancelling, changing E-Mail Address; Why no advance playlists?; Why some stations play programs out of order ?

SECTION 6 - Submitting music to HOS Radio or HOS Records

SECTION 7 - Contacting HOS, Contacting HOS Artists, Sheet Music